Projectors V Interactive Touch Screens

The debate over projectors V interactive touch screens V large TV’s continues with all devices evolving. Projectors are still worth thought in general projectors use less power , they weight 1/10 of the weight and are 1/2 of the cost based on say a 75″ image after installation, you also get a bonus whiteboard which allows anyone to teach. Advances in projector technolology ie HD ,4k, laser touch and laser engines bring them closer to ITS screens. ITS ” interactive touch screens ” have come down in cost and of course are all now 4K . If choosing an Interactive touch screen you do need to get at least 10 years out of the device to amortise the increased cost verse a projector. This does means as technology changes you maybe left with older screen technology. Large TV’s are a great solution if interactivity isn’t needed just make sure warranty is at least 3 years, team them up with a trolley and you have a great versatile solution.. So consider projectors in particular. Our ITS vendors Philips , Astral Vision and BenQ have some new screens at great pricing.  Epson projectors as usual are allways our pick. Hisense are a great choice for TV’s. There isn’t any magic single solution and at HAL Technology we are technology agnostic and happy to assist with any solution.

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