Projectors V Interactive Touch Screens

The debate over projectors V interactive touch screens continues with cost ,size & features all improving for LED screens. But projectors are still worth thought in general projectors use less power , they weight 1/10 of the weight and are 1/3 of the cost based on say a 75″ image. The other great feature of a projector is the bonus whiteboard, which allows anyone to teach. If choosing an Interactive touch screen you do need to get at least 10 -15 years out of the device to ammotise the increased cost. This does means as technology changes you maybe left with older screen technology. So consider projectors in particular Epson’s new laser UST range with Laser touch. On the flipside our ITS vendors Philips , Astral Vision and BenQ have some great new screens at great pricing. There isn’t any magic single solution and at HAL Technology we are technology agnostic and happy to assist with any solution.

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