Year: 2018


Great day at Edutech lots of very cool products. An abundance of interactive displays , VR , 3D printers and robotics. Wonderfull to see Microsoft and Google , but no APPLE !!! For those looking AV , 80″ has been become the preffered size for classrooms with a moveable height […]

Lockdown Systems

Lock in , lock out and bell tones are an essential part for of communications. Redback A4595 is part of the answer. The A 4595 School Lockdown Controller is primarily aimed at schools which require a lockdown warning facility. The controller has provision for a Pre-Bell and a Period Bell […]

Club Wifi

Wifi access in clubs is problematic with architecture , user density and external interference all having impacts on Wifi service. Zero handover , mesh , 802.11 AX and band steering can all assist to make your Wifi network alot more robust. We use Ubiquiti Networks products to help our customers […]

School PA systems

A balanced PA system is a must in a connected school  enviroment. Let us balance your PA systems to make sure that everyone enjoys the announcements.  We have a great range of Aussie built mixer amps from Redback. Along with the amps we can make sure your speaker technology is […]